Research Demos

We are pleased to announce another exciting way for you to experience research at CHI 2014. Selected Authors of accepted Papers and Notes perform interactive demonstrations associated with their submission in the exhibition area of the conference. These demos will take place during one of the 40 minute session breaks and the opening reception.

Research Demo Schedule

Open Reception (28th April, 17:30 - 19:30)

BoothPaper Title
1 (i71)Expanding the Input Expressivity of Smartwatches with Mechanical Pan, Twist, Tilt and Click
2 (i73)SensaBubble: A Chrono-Sensory Mid-Air Display of Sight and Smell
3 (i74)Exploring Affective Communication Through Variable-Friction Surface Haptics
4 (i72)Visualization of Personal History for Video Navigation

Tuesday Morning (29th April, 10:20 - 11:00)

BoothPaper Title
1 (i71)Duet: Exploring Joint Interactions on a Smart Phone and a Smart Watch
2 (i73)Circuit Stickers: Peel-and-Stick Construction of Interactive Electronic Prototypes
3 (i74)Consumed Endurance: A Metric to Quantify Arm Fatigue of Mid-Air Interactions
4 (i72)Effects of Public vs. Private Automated Transcripts on Multiparty Communication between Native and Non-Native English Speakers

Tuesday Afternoon (29th April, 15:20 - 16:00)

BoothPaper Title
1 (i71)TouchTools: Leveraging Familiarity and Skill with Physical Tools to Augment Touch Interaction
2 (i73)Twitch Crowdsourcing: Crowd Contributions in Short Bursts of Time
3 (i74)InkAnchor: Enhancing Informal Ink-Based Note Taking on Touchscreen Mobile Phones
4 (i72)Smart Subtitles for Vocabulary Learning

Wednesday Morning (30th April, 10:20 - 11:00)

BoothPaper Title
1 (i71)3D Printed Interactive Speakers
2 (i73)Kinetica: Naturalistic Multi-touch Data Visualization
3 (i74)TouchSense: Expanding Touchscreen Input Vocabulary Using Different Areas of Users' Finger Pads
4 (i72)Show Me the Invisible: Visualizing Hidden Content

Wednesday Afternoon (30 April, 15:20 - 16:00)

BoothPaper Title
1 (i71)Type-Hover-Swipe in 96 Bytes: A Motion Sensing Mechanical Keyboard
2 (i73)28 Frames Later: Predicting Screen Touches From Back-of-Device Grip Changes
3 (i74)The Use of Surrounding Visual Context in Handheld AR: Device vs. User Perspective Rendering
4 (i72)Social Fabric Fitness: The Design and Evaluation of Wearable E-Textile Displays to Support Group Running

Thursday Morning (1st May, 10:20 - 11:00)

BoothPaper Title
1 (i71)Expanding Touch Input Vocabulary by Using Consecutive Distant Taps
2 (i73)LACES: Live Authoring through Compositing and Editing of Streaming Vide
3 (i74)Is Motion Capture-Based Biomechanical Simulation Valid for HCI Studies? Study and Implications
4 (i72)Exploring the Usefulness of Finger-Based 3D Gesture Menu Selection

List of Research Demos

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