Sponsor Reminders

I. Key Events for Each Conference Day

Monday Afternoon VIP Lunch (12:20 – 14:00)

You will be receiving (or may have already received) an invitation to a special luncheon hosted by the CHI 2014 Chairs. The luncheon is from 12:20 to 14:00 (2:00 pm) at the convention center. It is one small way of saying thank you for all of your support, and a nice time to take a break if you are setting up an exhibit booth. A copy of the invitation will be in your registration materials. The keynote speaker, key SICHI and CHI committee members, SIGCHI award winners, and other sponsors will be there. If you would like us to invite someone other than yourself, please send me the contact information of the person you would like to send in your place.

Monday Evening Conference Reception and Grand Opening of Exhibits (17:30 – 19:30)

Monday evening we will have a walk-through of the exhibit area at 16:30 (4:30 pm) to make sure everything is ready before opening the doors for the conference reception in the exhibit hall at 17:30 (5:30 pm). Our conference reception and grand opening of exhibits is our busiest time, so you will want to make sure your booth is well staffed.

Tuesday Evening Job Fair (17:30 – 19:30)

The job fair takes in Exhibit Hall E on Tuesday evening from 17:30 – 19:30 (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm). We recommend that you have representatives available during this time to answer questions. If you have an exhibit booth, you will also want to make sure that you are appropriately staffed then. The last technical session of the day ends at 17:20 (5:20 pm), but people may come sooner.

Recruiting Boards - If you are recruiting, you have been assigned a recruiting board in the exhibit hall where you can post information about available positions within your organization. Champion Sponsor boards are 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide. Contributing Sponsor boards are shared, so the space is 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide. When planning the materials to post on the board, please consider that there is a metal edge to the board that makes the dimensions about a 1⁄4 inch less on all sides. You may set up your board any time prior to Monday night. Please let me know if you are NOT planning to use your board.

Participants will be instructed to submit resumes to your exhibit booth or to the Info Desk in the hall. Resumes received by the Info Desk will be given to your designated representative.

Wednesday Evening Joint Hospitality Event (18:00 – 20:00)

    Mattamy Athletic Center (formerly Maple Leaf Gardens) at 50 Carlton Street

We would like to specially thank Champion Sponsors, Bloomberg, Google, and Microsoft, for making this event possible. You won’t want to miss it. Below is the information on the conference web site about it:

The Joint Hospitality Reception on Wednesday evening is at Toronto’s historic Maple Leaf Gardens, now known as the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Referred to as Canada’s “Cathedral of Hockey,” this site is not only a historical symbol for Canada’s on-ice claim to fame, but has also been home to twelve Canadian sports teams since first opening its doors on November 12th, 1931. Recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2007, “the Gardens” is the perfect place to celebrate Toronto and congratulate Canadian colleagues on those recent Olympic gold medals. You can enjoy watching adult men’s hockey league teams playing while you meet our hosts and network with colleagues.

This reception is a great prelude to an evening out on the town. Light appetizers and a bar will be available – get your drink ticket at the door. Your badge is your ticket to enter the reception, so please be sure to wear it. Prominently set in the heart of Toronto and in the heart of Canadians, the former Maple Leaf Gardens is not to be missed. We hope to see you there!

Thursday Industry Focused Day (all day)

CHI has always been a dynamic, vibrant community mixing up academic researchers with those in industry and others who at the cutting edge of practice. This year, if you have practitioners that can only attend part of the conference, they might want to include Thursday for its industry focus. This day features highlights especially attractive to those who do CHI out there, 'in the wild':

II. Other Important Information

1. Complimentary Registration(s)

You should have received a specific link and instructions to register your complimentary conference registration(s) by now. Conference fees are zero, but registrants may add courses for a small fee to cover course materials. Champions receive 3 complimentary conference passes and Contributors receive 1 pass. Please contact Brooke Daley, our registration coordinator (bdaley@executivevents.com) for help.

2. Sponsor Ribbons for Badges

We want to recognize you on site, so we have sponsor ribbons for the badges of your attendees. Ribbons should already in the individual registration materials, but if you need more ribbons, please let me know.

3. Shipping for the Advance Warehouse

Please be reminded that the arrival deadline for materials shipped to the advance warehouse is April 17. Information about shipping and customs documentation is in the exhibitor manual as well as a picture of a standard exhibit booth.

4. Your Contact Person On Site

Please provide me with an on-site contact for the time we are at the conference. I would like to have the arrival date, hotel name and address, and a cell phone number for this person in case I need it.

5. Getting Help On Site

I will be available on site to help you from Friday, April 26th, through the end of the conference. You may reach me on my cell (+1 650.766.6934) or via email, but I may not be able to respond to email right away.

GES (our decorator) will also have a service desk in the exhibit hall to answer questions as you are moving in and out if you have reserved booth space. Other service providers will also have representatives present.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help or just have a question. We want this to be the best sponsoring experience you have ever had. We are very grateful for your support, and we are anticipating another very successful CHI conference!

Kindest regards,

Carol Klyver
CHI 2014 Sponsor and Exhibitor Coordinator
Cell: +1 650.766.6934
Tel: +1 650.738.1200
Email: chisponsors@comcast.net