Video Previews

CHI 2013 introduced Video Previews, a new way to share research results with attendees and with members of the community who are not able to attend the conference. The goal was to help people plan their conference time, to help them discover interesting and important work, and to increase the visibility of presentations beyond the conference.

CHI 2014 will continue the use of video previews. All authors of accepted Papers and Notes, as well as some extended abstract venues, will be required to submit a 30 seconds video which describes their work. The video previews will be made available through different mediums (e.g., Youtube channel) before and during the conference to help attendees plan their daily schedules. They will also be archived and embedded on the abstract page of the ACM Digital Library.


The deadline for submitting your video preview is February 26th 2014.

Video previews are required for the following venues.

  • Papers and Notes
  • Extended Abstracts
    • Panels
    • Case Studies
    • Courses
    • Interactivity
    • alt.CHI
    • SIGs

The video previews will be released on April 15th, two weeks prior to the conference.


Authors of accepted Papers & Notes and Extended Abstracts (Panels, Case Studies, Courses, Interactivity, alt.CHI and SIGs) are required to create a video or other animated presentation to complete their final submission. The video material must conform to the format as described in the submission guide below. We strongly recommend you to read the detailed guidelines which list a series of technical as well as production recommendations to help you create a compelling video preview of quality. For inspiration, please also visit the Video Previews Gallery featuring examples from previous years.

Submission guide

The following checklists have been designed to help you make sure that your material conforms to the Video Previews requirements. Please make sure that you go through every item of these lists. Detailed guidelines and advices are available by following the (i) icons.

Technical requirements

video file size must not exceed 10 MB
video file must use the MPEG-4 format (.mp4) with the H.264 codec How to encode a mp4 video?
video duration must not exceed 30 seconds
video resolution must be at 480p (854x480)

Content requirements

video must include an opening title Detailed instructions for the video opening title
video must be captioned Detailed instructions for subtitles and captions
permission obtained for all copyright and 3rd party material* Review ACM's Copyright Policies

* Please note: Video Previews are subject to ACM's copyright policies. Please review ACM's Copyright and Permission Policy and ACM's Requirements about 3rd party material.