Works in Progress: Rotation Schedule

Dear Work in Progress Presenters,

Please check the table below to find what day your poster presentation will be. Posters will be displayed in two rotations; the first rotation on the Tuesday (29th April) and the second on the Wednesday (30th April) of the conference. The final ID# will be the number by which your poster will be identified at the conference. For curious minds, the number breaks down as follows: w[x:rotation][yy:cluster][zz: poster number in that cluster]. So for a poster with ID w20607 this number means that the poster is a work-in-progress poster (as opposed to a doctoral consortium or student research competition poster), belongs to the second rotation (so will be presented on Wednesday), belongs to cluster 06 (which corresponds to Learning for rotation 2) and is poster #7 in that cluster.

You are expected to bring your own printed posters and hang the posters yourselves. You also must be physically present at the poster during two spotlight sessions on your designated day - during the morning coffee break and the afternoon coffee break at the Exhibit hall. Your posters should be hung up before 10 AM and must be taken down at the end of the day. We will provide more details by email as necessary.

See you in Toronto!

Final IDPoster DaySubmission IDPaper (241)Contact AuthorTheme
w10101Tueswip479Narrative-Based Elicitation: Orchestrating Contributions from Experts and ChildrenMora Guiard, JoanChildren and Teens
w10102Tueswip244Find the Jackalop: A Game Enhancing Young Children's Spatial ThinkingKalmpourtzis, GeorgeChildren and Teens
w10103Tueswip301SpeakUp in the Classroom: Anonymous Temporary Social Media for Better InteractionsGovaerts, StenChildren and Teens
w10104Tueswip438How Do Children Adapt Strategies when Drawing on a Tablet?Mohd Shukri, Siti RohkmahChildren and Teens
w10105Tueswip639Scaffolding Design Sessions with Teenagers: The PDA ApproachFitton, DanielChildren and Teens
w10106Tueswip517"Smiles, Kids, Happy Songs!": How to Collect Metaphors with Older AdultsPanëels, SabrinaChildren and Teens
w10107Tueswip439CopyMe: A Portable Real-Time Feedback Expression Recognition Game for ChildrenTan, Chek TienChildren and Teens
w10108Tueswip337A Robot with Style, because you are Worth it!JOHAL, WafaChildren and Teens
w10201Tueswip316Designing Games for the Rehabilitation of Functional Vision for Children with Cerebral Visual ImpairmentLinehan, ConorAccessibility
w10202Tueswip325Supporting Autism Therapists: Co-designing InterventionsDuarte, CarlosAccessibility
w10203Tueswip336Designing a Multimodal Email Support Tool for Persons with AphasiaAl Mahmud, AbdullahAccessibility
w10204Tueswip607Use Octopus Launcher Like Your Hands: Joystick-based Smartphone Control Solution for Motor Impaired People in Electric WheelchairsAhn, HyunjinAccessibility
w10205Tueswip611Blind in a Virtual World: Vision-deprived Virtual Navigation Patterns Using Depth Cues and The Effect of Extended Sensory RangeMaidenbaum, ShacharAccessibility
w10206Tueswip649Design of an Accessible and Portable System for Soccer Players with Visual ImpairmentsMcMullen, KylaAccessibility
w10207Tueswip588Design for One: A Game Controller for a Quadriplegic GamerLin, HenryAccessibility
w10208Tueswip605Technology to Support Emergent Literacy Skills in Young Children with Visual ImpairmentsStangl, AbigaleAccessibility
w10209Tueswip206Making Electronics More Accessible to People with Learning DisabilitiesHollinworth, NicAccessibility
w10210Tueswip202HoverZoom: Making On-screen Keyboards More AccessiblePollmann, FredericAccessibility
w10211Tueswip597Welcoming Gesture Recognition into Autism TherapyDuarte, CarlosAccessibility
w10212Tueswip177HamsaTouch: Tactile Vision Substitution with Smartphone and Electro-Tactile DisplayKajimoto, HiroyukiAccessibility
w10301Tueswip125Augmented Climbing: Interacting With Projected Graphics on a Climbing WallKajastila, RaineAugmented Reality
w10302Tueswip134An Augmented Workplace for Enabling User-Defined TangiblesFunk, MarkusAugmented Reality
w10303Tueswip152Shvil: Collaborative Augmented Reality Land NavigationLi, NicoAugmented Reality
w10304Tueswip167Really, It's for Your Own Good...Making Augmented Reality Navigation Tools Harder to UseWen, JamesAugmented Reality
w10305Tueswip385Enhancing Augmented Reality For Use In Product DesignPurdy, TimothyAugmented Reality
w10306Tueswip515Generic Method for Crafting Deformable Interfaces to Physically Augment SmartphonesWatanabe, ChihiroAugmented Reality
w10307Tueswip604CAPTIVE: A Cube with Augmented Physical ToolsChakraborty, ArpanAugmented Reality
w10308Tueswip687Using 3D Hand Gestures and Touch Input for Wearable AR InteractionBai, HuidongAugmented Reality
w10309Tueswip434Rubikon: A Highly Reconfigurable Device for Advanced InteractionRoudaut, AnneAugmented Reality
w10401Tueswip213Babywijzer: An Application to Support Women During their PregnancyAl Mahmud, AbdullahSearch and Infoviz
w10402Tueswip564Lightweight Support for Collaborative Web Browsing Through SpreadVectorGross, TomSearch and Infoviz
w10403Tueswip278Linking External and Internal Search: Investigating the Site Searching Patterns of Referred SearchersJansen, BernardSearch and Infoviz
w10404Tueswip392What People Inquire about Locations? A Study on the Taxonomy of Location-based Questions in CampusChen, LingSearch and Infoviz
w10405Tueswip538Should I Stay or Should I Go: Two Features to Help People Stop An Exploratory Search WiselyJia, YuanSearch and Infoviz
w10406Tueswip326Unified Visualization of Quantitative and Qualitative Playtesting DataMirza-Babaei, PejmanSearch and Infoviz
w10407Tueswip584Visualizing Vocal ExpressionPietrowicz, MarySearch and Infoviz
w10408Tueswip357GLOs: Graph-Level Operations for Exploratory Network VisualizationStolper, CharlesSearch and Infoviz
w10409Tueswip527Beyond Physical Bar Charts - An Exploration of Designing Physical VisualizationsStusak, SimonSearch and Infoviz
w10410Tueswip508Annotation of Graphical Elements in Visualizations for an Efficient Analysis of Visual TasksRaschke, MichaelSearch and Infoviz
w10501Tueswip302Doing Gender in Input FieldsMarsden, NicolaMaking
w10502Tueswip356From DIY Tutorials to DIY RecipesDalton, MatthewMaking
w10503Tueswip435Towards an Integrated Methodological Framework for Understanding Embodiment in HCIXambó, AnnaMaking
w10504Tueswip355Programming in the Pond: A Tabletop Computer Programming ExhibitWeintrop, DavidMaking
w10505Tueswip505The Timeline as a Programming InterfaceCardoso, BrunoMaking
w10506Tueswip602Exploring the Need for Visualizations in System Administration ToolsMahendiran, JeevithaMaking
w10507Tueswip120Making 3D Printed Objects Interactive Using Wireless AccelerometersHook, JonathanMaking
w10508Tueswip237NatCut: An Interactive Tangible Editor for Physical Object FabricationSchneegass, StefanMaking
w10509Tueswip481A Half-Implant Device on FingernailsIwasaki, KenMaking
w10510Tueswip121CapStudio: An Interactive Screencast for Visual Application DevelopmentFukahori, KoumeiMaking
w10601Tueswip388Gamification of Collaborative Idea Generation and ConvergenceMoradian, AliGaming
w10602Tueswip171RoVatar: Semi-autonomous Robot Boxing Game by Miniature AvatarsYoo, ByungInGaming
w10603Tueswip179What Nouns and Adjectives in Online Game Reviews Can Tell Us About Player Experience?Fang, XiaowenGaming
w10604Tueswip307Is 60 FPS Better than 30? The Impact of Frame Rate and Latency on Moving Target SelectionTeather, RobertGaming
w10605Tueswip423Civic Engagement Meets Pervasive Gaming: Towards Long-term Mobile ParticipationBaldauf, MatthiasGaming
w10606Tueswip453The Effect of Multiplayer Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment on the Player Experience of Video GamesBaldwin, AlexanderGaming
w10607Tueswip478Performance of Modern Gaming Input Devices in First-Person Shooter Target AcquisitionTeather, RobertGaming
w10608Tueswip492Geo-Sociograms: A Method to Analyze Movement Patterns and Characterize Tasks in Location-Based Multiplayer GamesHerkenrath, GeroGaming
w10609Tueswip530Playful Science: Deriving Computer Games from Complex SystemsKirkham, ReubenGaming
w10610Tueswip577Investigating Players' Responses to Wayfinding Cues in 3D Video GamesMoura, DinaraGaming
w10611Tueswip591Common Playability Problems in Social Network GamesPaavilainen, JanneGaming
w10612Tueswip106A Brief Technical Note on Haptic Jellyfish with Falcon and OpenGLMokhov, SergueiGaming
w10613Tueswip410QuoDocs: Improving Developer Engagement in Software Documentation through GamificationSukale, RyanGaming
w10614Tueswip541Improving Guide Dog Team Play with Accessible Dog ToysHauser, SabrinaGaming
w10701Tueswip157Multimodal Target Prediction ModelBiswas, PradiptaGestures and eye-based interactions
w10702Tueswip164Suit Up!: Enabling Eyes-Free Interactions on Jacket ButtonsTodi, KashyapGestures and eye-based interactions
w10703Tueswip311EyeDE: Gaze-enhanced Software Development EnvironmentsRaab, FelixGestures and eye-based interactions
w10704Tueswip320Eye Contact over VideoKjeldskov, JesperGestures and eye-based interactions
w10705Tueswip389Multilevel Auditory Displays for Mobile Eyes-Free Location-Based InteractionVazquez-Alvarez, YolandaGestures and eye-based interactions
w10706Tueswip414Design and Evaluation of a Dwell-free Eye Typing TechniqueChakraborty, TuhinGestures and eye-based interactions
w10707Tueswip647Dynamic Edge: Finding Eyes-Free Controls on Orientation-Agnostic DevicesKildal, JohanGestures and eye-based interactions
w10708Tueswip169AirAuth: Towards Attack-Resilient Biometric Authentication Using In-Air GesturesKratz, SvenGestures and eye-based interactions
w10709Tueswip175Robot Conferencing: Physically Embodied Motions Enhance Social TelepresenceTanaka, KazuakiGestures and eye-based interactions
w10710Tueswip176Glasses with Haptic Feedback of Gaze GesturesRantala, JussiGestures and eye-based interactions
w10711Tueswip234Error Behaviours in an Unreliable In-air Gesture RecognizerArif, AhmedGestures and eye-based interactions
w10712Tueswip308U-Remo: Projection-assisted Gesture Control for Home ElectronicsKADOMURA, AzusaGestures and eye-based interactions
w10713Tueswip365Personal Space: User Defined Gesture Space for GUI InteractionJude, AlvinGestures and eye-based interactions
w10714Tueswip354Using Audio Cues to Support Motion Gesture Interaction on Mobile DevicesMorrison-Smith, SarahGestures and eye-based interactions
w10715Tueswip386Trampoline: A Double-sided Elastic Touch Device for Repoussé and Chasing TechniquesLee, GeehyukGestures and eye-based interactions
w10801Tueswip196Evaluating a Clinical Decision Support Interface for End-of-Life Nurse CareFebretti, AlessandroHealthcare
w10802Tueswip241Comparing Direct and Indirect Interaction in Stroke RehabilitationKhademi, MaryamHealthcare
w10803Tueswip245Point-of-Care Testing for Diabetes Patients: Investigating Diabetes Management by Older AdultsAl Mahmud, AbdullahHealthcare
w10804Tueswip268Physio@Home: Design Explorations to Support Movement GuidanceTang, RichardHealthcare
w10805Tueswip281Supporting Longitudinal Change in Many Health BehaviorsRen, JingjingHealthcare
w10806Tueswip285Free-Hand Interaction with Leap Motion Controller for Stroke RehabilitationKhademi, MaryamHealthcare
w10807Tueswip315Afraid to Ask: Proactive Assistance with Healthcare Documents Using Eye TrackingZhou, ShuoHealthcare
w10808Tueswip351Designing Engaging Camera Based Mobile Games for Implicit Heart Rate MonitoringWang, JingtaoHealthcare
w10809Tueswip382SensoryPaint: A Natural User Interface Supporting Sensory Integration in Children with Neurodevelopmental DisordersRingland, KathrynHealthcare
w10810Tueswip403Lessons from ICT Design of a Healthcare Worker-Centered System for a Chronic Mental Care HospitalFels, SidneyHealthcare
w10811Tueswip445Automated Virtual Observation TherapyTheng, Yin-LengHealthcare
w10812Tueswip452HeartiSense : A Novel Approach to Enable Effective Basic Life Support Training without an InstructorKim, WonjoonHealthcare
w10813Tueswip585VizCom: A Novel Workflow Model for ICU Clinical Decision SupportFaiola, AnthonyHealthcare
w10814Tueswip156The Application of Eye Movement Biometrics in the Automated Detection of Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryHolland, CoreyHealthcare
w10901Tueswip352Attention in Mobile Interactions: Gaze Recovery for Large Scale StudiesPaletta, LucasNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10902Tueswip488Attention Approximation of Mobile Users towards their EnvironmentSchrammel, JohannNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10903Tueswip552Studying How Character of Conversation Affects Personal Receptivity to Mobile NotificationsSchulze, FlorianNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10904Tueswip186Understanding Notification Stress of Smartphone Messenger AppYoon, SungHyukNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10905Tueswip103Supporting the Mobile Notification Process through Tactile Cues Selected using a Paired Comparison TaskKuber, RaviNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10906Tueswip144Designing a Visual Cue Invocation Scheme to Aid Monitoring Behavior on a Digital Map DisplayFortmann, FlorianNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10907Tueswip267Spatial Perception Orientation Task (SPOT): Developing an Accessible Tool for Measuring Spatial Working Memory.Blasko, DawnNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10908Tueswip504Supporting Non-Verbal Visual Communication in Online Group Art TherapyJones, BrennanNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10909Tueswip603SomaTech: An Exploratory Interface for Altering Movement HabitsWang, QiaoNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10910Tueswip161Leveraging the Design of Child Restraint Systems to Reduce Driver DistractionMubin, OmarNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10911Tueswip399Quantifying Driver Frustration to Improve Road Safetytaib, ronnieNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10912Tueswip656Exploring Virtual Depth for Automotive Instrument Cluster ConceptsBroy, NoraNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10913Tueswip663Beyond Eye Tracking Analogies: Cursor Trajectories as Subtle Cues to Detect Distracting UI ElementsHurtienne, JörnNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10914Tueswip665Understanding In-Car Smartphone Usage Pattern with an Un-obfuscated ObservationOh, ChanghoonNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10915Tueswip295Resumption Lag at Interruptible Timing might not be short in Actual EnvironmentTanaka, TakahiroNotifications, awareness and distractions
w10916Tueswip299Working With The Television On: An Investigation into Media MultitaskingBrumby, DuncanNotifications, awareness and distractions
w11001Tueswip587Output to Input: Concepts for Physical Data Representations and Tactile User InterfacesSzigeti, SteveInteractiion techniques
w11002Tueswip395Interaction Techniques for Co-located Collaborative TVBuchner, KarolinaInteraction techniques
w11003Tueswip170ExtendedThumb: A Motion-Based Virtual Thumb for Improving One-Handed Target Acquisition on Touch-Screen Mobile DevicesLai, JianweiInteraction Techniques
w11004Tueswip173Chiron: Interpreting Signals from Capacitive Patterns and Inertial Sensors for intuitive Shape Modeling.Verma, AnshInteraction Techniques
w11005Tueswip199Origami Tessellation Display: Interaction Techniques Using Origami-based Deformable SurfacesKinoshita, YuichiroInteraction Techniques
w11006Tueswip224Classifying Physical Strategies in Tangible Tasks: A Video-Coding Framework For Epistemic ActionsEsteves, AugustoInteraction Techniques
w11007Tueswip263LightBundle: Grasping Light through Plant-Inspired InteractionsKao, Hsin-LiuInteraction Techniques
w11008Tueswip291How is your laugh today?Mancini, MaurizioInteraction Techniques
w11009Tueswip294Place-onas: Shared Resource for Designing Body Tracking ApplicationsMorrison, CecilyInteraction Techniques
w11010Tueswip380Understanding Expert-Novice Differences in Geometry Problem-Solving Tasks: A Sensor-based ApproachKim, SeungJunInteraction Techniques
w11011Tueswip429An Interaction Model for Touch-Aware Tangibles on Interactive SurfacesVoelker, SimonInteraction Techniques
w11012Tueswip436SPad: A Bimanual Interaction Technique for Productivity Applications on Multi-Touch TabletsFoucault, CédricInteraction Techniques
w11013Tueswip455Whirlstools: Kinetic Furniture with Adaptive AffordanceTakeuchi, YuichiroInteraction Techniques
w11014Tueswip539Extending Interaction for Smart Watches: Enabling Bimanual Around Device ControlKnibbe, JarrodInteraction Techniques
w11015Tueswip683Empa Talk: A Physiological Data Incorporated Human-Computer InteractionsKim, Si JungInteraction Techniques
w11016Tueswip367Perceived Distance from Hitting with a Stick Is Altered by Overlapping Vibration to Holding HandOkazaki, RyutaInteraction Techniques
w20101Wedwip212Mobile Payment Systems in North America: User Challenges & SuccessesHillman, SerenaE-commerce
w20102Wedwip306A Methodological Inquiry into Predictors of Consumer SatisfactionCavrak, SarahE-commerce
w20103Wedwip465Towards a Novel Digital Household Account BookKerber, FredericE-commerce
w20104Wedwip496"What do you think of the return of dungarees?": Social Media Interactions between Retail Locations and their CustomersMahoney, JamieE-commerce
w20105Wedwip509BARTER -- Promoting Local Spending BehaviorKnowles, BranE-commerce
w20106Wedwip642Exploring the Opportunities of Mobile Technology Use in Nonprofit OrganizationsKim, SunyoungE-commerce
w20107Wedwip476Analyzing employment technologies for economically distressed individualsDillahunt, TawannaE-commerce
w20201Wedwip105Testing a Grassroots Citizen Science Venture Using Open Design, “the Bee Lab Project”Phillips, RobertCommunities
w20202Wedwip327Layers of User Expectations of Future Technologies: an Early FrameworkOlsson, ThomasCommunities
w20203Wedwip372Designing for Neighborhoods: Lessons Learned from Paper-based Bulletin BoardsLópez, ClaudiaCommunities
w20204Wedwip532Collaborating with Communities in Africa: A Hitchhikers GuidePeters, AniciaCommunities
w20205Wedwip631LocaLudo: Card-based Workshop For Interactive ArchitectureHuyghe, JonathanCommunities
w20206Wedwip636The Young and the Vulnerable? Perceived Negative Effects of Robots on Youngsters Prevent Older Adults from Adopting Companion RobotsWaddell, ThomasCommunities
w20207Wedwip646NewsPad: Designing for Collaborative Storytelling in NeighborhoodsMatias, JorgeCommunities
w20208Wedwip648Mixing Languages? Image Schema Inspired Designs for Rural AfricaLöffler, DianaCommunities
w20209Wedwip650‘Sometimes it’s the Weather’s Fault’ – Sustainable HCI & Political ActivismProst, SebastianCommunities
w20210Wedwip651Making Sense of Haul Videos: Self-created Celebrities Fill a Fashion Media GapSykes, SarahCommunities
w20211Wedwip664Helping Users Review and Make Sense Of Access Policies In OrganizationsJaferian, PooyaCommunities
w20212Wedwip375Using Personalized Radio to Enhance Local Music DiscoveryTurnbull, DouglasCommunities
w20301Wedwip153Tablet Interaction Techniques for Viewport Navigation on Large DisplaysCheng, KelvinDisplays
w20302Wedwip238Midair Displays: Exploring the Concept of Free-Floating Public DisplaysSchneegass, StefanDisplays
w20303Wedwip239Assessing the Zone of Comfort in Stereoscopic Displays using EEGFrey, JeremyDisplays
w20304Wedwip284Expanding the Porthole: Leveraging Large, High-Resolution Displays in Exploratory Visual AnalysisReda, KhairiDisplays
w20305Wedwip333Screen Scaling: Effects of Screen Scale on Moving Target SelectionTeather, RobertDisplays
w20306Wedwip404User Centered Design of a Hybrid-Reality Display for Weld MonitoringSeidelman, WillDisplays
w20307Wedwip498Towards Understanding Spontaneous Interaction on Curved DisplaysPalleis, HenriDisplays
w20308Wedwip422ReflectoSlates: Personal Overlays for Tabletops Combining Camera-projector Systems and Retroreflective MaterialsMartinez Plasencia, DiegoDisplays
w20309Wedwip180TangramTheatre: Presenting Children's Creation on Multimodal TabletopsQu, ZhunDisplays
w20401Wedwip468Understanding and Leveraging Social Networks for Crowdfunding: Implications for Support ToolsHui, JulieSocial Computing
w20402Wedwip682Influence of Dining-Progress Synchrony in Time-Shifted Tele-DiningInoue, TomooSocial computing
w20403Wedwip220Social Comparison in Social Media: A Look at Facebook and TwitterPanger, GalenSocial Computing
w20404Wedwip274International Students' Use of Facebook vs. a Home Country SiteYuan, Chien WenSocial Computing
w20405Wedwip339Watchboard: Curated Microblogging for the EnterpriseSultanum, NicoleSocial Computing
w20406Wedwip419Affordances of Social Technologies as Social MicroworldsParmaxi, AntigoniSocial Computing
w20407Wedwip561Evaluation of Automated Friend Grouping in Online Social NetworksEslami, MotahhareSocial Computing
w20408Wedwip567Pact: Leveraging Social Networks for Goal AchievementPorges, ZacharySocial Computing
w20409Wedwip676Predicting Potential Responders in Social Q&A Based on non-QA FeaturesLiu, ZheSocial Computing
w20410Wedwip491I'm Here with My Kids: Investigating Location sharing Preferences of Parents with Young ChildrenMassa, PaoloSocial Computing
w20411Wedwip652The Laughing Dress: Evoking Prosocial Interaction Among StrangersLee, SunminSocial computing
w20501Wedwip218Towards Effective Ethical Behavior Designde Oliveira, RodrigoUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20502Wedwip229Integrative Workplace: Studying the Effect of Digital Desks on Users' Working PracticesGebhardt, ChristophUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20503Wedwip558Casalendar: A Temporal Interface for Automated HomesMennicken, SarahUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20504Wedwip341The Effects of Pitch Contour and Flanging on Trust in Speaking Cognitive AgentsMuralidharan, LayaUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20505Wedwip198AR Browser for Points of Interest in Disaster Response in UAV ImageryCrowley, DanielleUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20506Wedwip265Offlinetags – A Novel Privacy Approach to Online Photo SharingPallas, FrankUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20507Wedwip448The Editable Self: A Workbench for Personal Activity DataSmith, DanielUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20508Wedwip614Biosignal Sharing for Affective ConnectednessMin, HyeryungUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20509Wedwip141TagMe: An Easy-to-Use Toolkit for Turning the Personal Environment into an Extended Communications InterfaceAmores, JudithUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20510Wedwip578Passive Haptic Learning of Typing Skills Facilitated by Wearable ComputersSeim, CaitlynUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20511Wedwip379Workscape Explorer: Using Group Dynamics to Improve PerformanceWatanabe, Jun-ichiroUbicomp, robots and wearables
w20601Wedwip507Learning the Game: Breakdowns, Breakthroughs and Player StrategiesIacovides, IoannaLearning
w20602Wedwip519I'd Tap That! Providing Real Time Feedback on Roller Derby SkillsStewart, CraigLearning
w20603Wedwip279Human SUGOROKU: Learning Support System of Vegetation Succession with Full-body Interaction InterfaceNakayama, TomohiroLearning
w20604Wedwip215Measuring Learned Skill Behaviors Post-MOOCRussell, DanielLearning
w20605Wedwip219Wait-Learning: Leveraging Conversational Dead Time for Second Language EducationCai, CarrieLearning
w20606Wedwip289Supporting Second Language Reading with Picture Note-TakingYang, Chi-LanLearning
w20607Wedwip296The Impact of Interactive Visual Simulations on Learning StatisticsIten, GlenaLearning
w20608Wedwip444Supporting Debates with a Real-Time Feedback SystemHuber, BerndLearning
w20609Wedwip619The Effects of Physical and Virtual Manipulatives on Learning Basic Concepts in ElectronicsSchneider, BertrandLearning
w20610Wedwip640Learning Online via Prompts to ExplainWilliams, JosephLearning
w20611Wedwip681Understanding Meditation and Technology UseDerthick, KatieLearning
w20612Wedwip126MOODs: Building Massive Open Online Diaries for Researchers, Teachers and ContributorsGould, SandyLearning
w20613Wedwip205The Informatics Needs of Amateur Endurance Athletic CoachesNeustaedter, CarmanLearning
w20614Wedwip391Personalized Presentation BuilderKhataei, AmirsamLearning
w20701Wedwip112Mobile and Computer-based Talent Assessments: Implications of Workload and Usability.Proaps, AlexandraMobile Interactions
w20702Wedwip135Using a Touch-Sensitive Wristband for Text Entry on Smart WatchesFunk, MarkusMobile Interactions
w20703Wedwip163A Study of Direction's Impact on Single-Handed Thumb Interaction with Touch-Screen Mobile PhonesLai, JianweiMobile Interactions
w20704Wedwip207Generating Highlights Automatically from Text-Reading Behaviors on Mobile DevicesOh, JongHwanMobile Interactions
w20705Wedwip322MIMIC: Leveraging Sensor-based Interactions in Multimodal Mobile ApplicationsElouali, NadiaMobile Interactions
w20706Wedwip345MochaTop: Building Ad-hoc Data Spaces with Multiple DevicesWoźniak, PawełMobile Interactions
w20707Wedwip490100 Days of iPhone Use: Mobile Recording in the WildMcGregor, MoiraMobile Interactions
w20708Wedwip500Medical Imaging Specialists and 3D: A Domain Perspective on Mobile 3D InteractionsSeyed, TeddyMobile Interactions
w20709Wedwip641Android Apps Consistency ScrutinizedAlharbi, KhalidMobile Interactions
w20710Wedwip154Detection of Tangential Force for a Touch Panel Using Shear Deformation of the GelNAKAI, YurikoMobile Interactions
w20711Wedwip317FingerReader: A Wearable Device to Support Text Reading on the GoShilkrot, RoyMobile Interactions
w20712Wedwip550Towards High Quality Text Entry on SmartwatchesDunlop, MarkMobile Interactions
w20801Wedwip574StepCity: A Preliminary Investigation Of A Personal Informatics-Based Social Game On Behavior ChangeWalsh, GregLifestyle
w20802Wedwip678Comparing Modalities for Kinesiatric Exercise InstructionSmeddinck, JanLifestyle
w20803Wedwip348Sonic Respiration: Controlling Respiration Rate Through Auditory BiofeedbackGutierrez-Osuna, RicardoLifestyle
w20804Wedwip383EZwakeup: a sleep environment design for sleep quality improvementHuang, Ming-ChunLifestyle
w20805Wedwip421UbiSpoon: Pervasive Monitoring of Nervous System Diseases through Daily LifeTian, FengLifestyle
w20806Wedwip547Haptics in Remote Collaborative Exercise Systems for SeniorsAlizadeh, HesamLifestyle
w20807Wedwip582BreakOut: Predicting and Breaking Sedentary Behaviour at WorkFerreira, Maria JoséLifestyle
w20808Wedwip613OmniSports -- Encouraging Physical Activities in Everyday LifeLessel, PascalLifestyle
w20809Wedwip518AirFlow: Designing Immersive Breathing Training Games for COPDQin, YongqiangLifestyle
w20810Wedwip159To Switch off the Coffee-maker or Not: That is the Question to be Energy-efficient at WorkCasado-Mansilla, DiegoLifestyle
w20811Wedwip332Social Recipe Recommendation to Reduce Food WasteYalvaç, FulyaLifestyle
w20812Wedwip400Persuasive Content Development: Application of Protection Motivation Theory in Promoting Heritage Site Preservation AwarenessPoong, Yew SiangLifestyle
w20813Wedwip590Understanding Context Governing Energy Consumption in HomesIrwin, GermaineLifestyle
w20901Wedwip131Trust, Transparency & Control in Inferred User interest modelsSchnorf, SebastianTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20902Wedwip142Understanding Information Practices of Interactive Personal Genomics UsersShaer, OritTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20903Wedwip172KinChat : Veiling Your Face without Suppressing Facial Expression in Text CommunicationHuang, Ai-JuTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20904Wedwip190Using Icon Arrangement for Fallback Authentication on SmartphonesHang, AlinaTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20905Wedwip230VibraInput: Two-step PIN Entry System based on Vibration and Visual InformationKuribara, TakuroTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20906Wedwip359Measuring Snooping Behavior with Surveys: It's How You Ask ItMarques, DiogoTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20907Wedwip563Who Says Personas Can't Dance? The Use Of Comic Strips To Design Information Security PersonasLewis, MakaylaTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20908Wedwip100A Visual Feedback Design based on a Brain-Computer Interface to Assist Users Regulate their Emotional StateHao, YuTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20909Wedwip188GamIM: Affecting Chatting Behavior by Visualizing Atmosphere of ConversationHsu, Shuo HsiuTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20910Wedwip208Measuring User Experience through Future Use and EmotionPaul, CelesteTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20911Wedwip433Measuring Product HappinessKamp, IreneTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20912Wedwip628Designing Multi-Touch Gestures to Support Emotional Expression in IMPirzadeh, AfarinTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w20913Wedwip457The Art of Deleting SnapshotsWolters, MariaTrust, Privacy & Emotions
w21001Wedwip216Selfsourcing Personal TasksTeevan, JaimeUsers and UI Design
w21002Wedwip405Who´s the Boss? Requester Transparency and Motivation in a Microtask MarketplaceMarlow, JenniferUsers and UI Design
w21003Wedwip412WiredIn: Using Visual Feedback to Support Task ResumptionLiu, YikunUsers and UI Design
w21004Wedwip425Everyday Peripheral Tasks vs. Digital Peripheral TasksHausen, DorisUsers and UI Design
w21005Wedwip483Copyright Terms in Online Creative CommunitiesFiesler, CaseyUsers and UI Design
w21006Wedwip297Mental Models for Web Objects in Different Cultural SettingsLinxen, SebastianUsers and UI Design
w21007Wedwip426Diverse Information Fragments to Enhance Troubleshooting EfficiencyYamashita, RyoUsers and UI Design
w21008Wedwip361Designing for Negative Affect and Critical ReflectionHalbert, HelenUsers and UI Design
w21009Wedwip575Improving Data-Driven Design and Exploration of Digital Musical InstrumentsLaguna, ChristopherUsers and UI Design
w21010Wedwip418Pdot: Participatory Design Online ToolHeintz, MatthiasUsers and UI Design
w21011Wedwip309An Aesthetic Perspective to Explore Aesthetic Components of Interactive System: a Case Study on Music PlayerWu, MengUsers and UI Design
w21012Wedwip443I Remember/Know/Guess What I Saw: A False ‘Belief’ Technique to Features SelectionLee, JangsunUsers and UI Design
w21013Wedwip545Exploring Personality’s Effect on Users’ Rating BehaviorHu, RongUsers and UI Design
w21014Wedwip654Characteristics of Narrative Textual Data Linked to User ExperiencesMeneweger, ThomasUsers and UI Design
w21015Wedwip366Assisting Older Adults in Assessing the Reliability of Health-Related WebsitesStewart, CraigUsers and UI Design