Press Release: Margaret Atwood Dicusses Robotics in Work and Life


Contact: Rosemary W. Stevens
CHI 2014 Publicity Coordinator
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CHI 2014

28 April - 1 May 2014, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

TORONTO, CANADA -- (16 April 2014)  Canada's Margaret Atwood, world-famous writer, high-tech entrepreneur and inventor, will open the international ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, (CHI 2014), scheduled 26 April - 1 May 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with a talk entitled Robotics in my Work and Life. In addition to being a successful author who explores possible futures and the inventor of the Syngrafii Inc's LongPen, a tele-remote/robotic device originally enabling authors to sign books without being physically present, but that has now moved into a range of applications in the banking and business worlds, Ms. Atwood received the Arthur C. Clark Award for Science Fiction.

Ms. Atwood explains “Writing speculative fiction and developing the LongPen has allowed me to connect with others physically and virtually. The CHI 2014 conference is about future interactions with technology and this is a strong interest of mine.”

"The CHI 2014 conference presents an interdisciplinary perspective on technology development, and Ms. Atwood’s extensive writing of stories set in the future, invention of the LongPen, and interests in future interactions make her a perfect match,” explains Matt Jones, Conference Co-Chair and Professor at Swansea University, Wales.

Ms. Atwood’s opening talk is followed by four days of presentations examining the future of human-computer interaction. Presentations address the concerns of design, engineering, management and user experience professionals. For complete information about this year’s conference, consult the Advance Program.

About the CHI Conference
Originally a small conference for psychologists interested in user interface design, the annual CHI conference has grown to include a very diverse participant group such as interaction designers, computer scientists, engineering psychologists, developers, and performing artists. It deals with larger problems such as the organizational integration of technology, and the use of technology in all areas of life. This year’s conference marks 32 years of research, innovation and development in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and is expected to draw about 3,000 professionals from over 49 countries. The experience at CHI 2014 offers innovative opportunities for interacting with future technologies. For complete information about this year’s conference, consult the CHI 2014 program.

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